Cape House Project

Cape House Project [nivoslide effect=”sliceDown” width=”600″ height=”350″] [/nivoslide] […]

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Accent Planting

A simple arrangement of white flowering plants

In a recent project Paul was able to capture an interesting arrangement of white plants in a very difficult planting space. The plant material shown accents a small corner in a much larger landscape. The bed location was pinched between an outdoor kitchen, boulder arrangement, stone walkway and retaining wall. This was all part of […]

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Swimming Pool Wall Design


Its a great time of year to be thinking about swimming pools. The upcoming 4th of July holiday and some fantastic weather has kept our company busy preparing several swimming pool landscapes for the best months of summer. I recently photographed a swimming pool wall design that we  constructed several years ago that has a […]

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Front Entrance Renovation

Front entrance walkway

The front entrance to your home is not only a guest’s first impression, it is also your gateway to your home.  It should be designed to suit your lifestyle and taste. Whether you choose a grand front entrance or one that is clean and simple, it should be functional and welcoming. Simplicity in material selection […]

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Backyard Water Feature

Backyard Waterfall

There is something special about water in the landscape. Water, in the form of fountains, pools or man-made ponds and lakes, has been used in garden and landscape design for thousands of years throughout the world. Backyard water features can range from formal designs – rectangular or circular pools,  to something more rustic and naturalistic. […]

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A Bluestone Patio is the Basis for a Welcoming Outdoor Space

A bright space on a rainy day

A mix of coleus along the edge of the bluestone patio brightens a rainy day. The warm orange and deep purple plant hues serve as a contrast to the cool blue and grey tones of the bluestone. The oakleaf hydrangea, rhododendron, and dwarf blue spruce separate the woods from the backyard and help create an […]

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A Unique Front Yard Design

Front Yard Design

A simple, yet elegant front yard design adds curb appeal to this traditional New England home. The mixed palette of greens and a variety of plant textures, together with the granite stone composition, create a tranquil and welcoming entrance as one pulls into the driveway. The stone arrangement acts as a focal point much like […]

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Ribbon Driveway

A Memorable Entrance

This entrance is from one of our favorite projects on Cape Cod. The traditional ribbon driveway was constructed with stone imported from Ireland in honor of the owner’s heritage. The two lanes of stone are separated by a wide ribbon of grass. Ribbon driveways are actually old fashioned driveways that were popular back in the […]

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Outdoor Granite Stairway

Gently curving granite stairway

This gently curving granite stairway, built by Paul and crew, leads to an outdoor spa that can be seen peaking out behind the vegetation. Each antique granite step is unique in shape and color combination. The irregular shapes and slightly uneven surfaces of the stones give the stairway a sense of informality, helping it to blend into […]

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Backyard Patio with Salvaged Granite Steps

Patio detail

Earlier this summer, Paul and his crew constructed a backyard patio for a customer in Southborough, MA. The backyard patio is constructed from brick pavers and extends along the entire length of the house. It connects the newly built deck with another entrance just off of the kitchen. The granite steps that lead to the […]

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