Accent Planting

June 10, 2011

In a recent project Paul was able to capture an interesting arrangement of white plants in a very difficult planting space. The plant material shown accents a small corner in a much larger landscape. The bed location was pinched between an outdoor kitchen, boulder arrangement, stone walkway and retaining wall. This was all part of a complex outdoor living space placed within the confines of a coastal setback. We were heavily protected from the winds, however,  our soil depths were not as deep as we would like them. For the accent planting, we chose Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris (Climbing Hydrangea) for it’s white lacecap flower which is just showing its face at the back right. In front of the climbing hydrangea we used Hydrangea arborescens. To help dress some of the stone gaps we mixed a hierarchy of Sedum album (White Stonecrop) and Sagina subulata (Scotch/Irish Moss). White Stonecrop is often found growing in crevices and free-draining rocky soil. This wonderful groundcover is heat resistant and drought tolerant. As and added bonus, it is hardy and provides interest year round – its foliage turns red in the winter. Interestingly, the amount of sun and water it receives affect the color of its foliage. This is a great, cascading, white flower accent planting throughout the best months of summer.