Backyard Patio with Salvaged Granite Steps

September 14, 2012

Earlier this summer, Paul and his crew constructed a backyard patio for a customer in Southborough, MA. The backyard patio is constructed from brick pavers and extends along the entire length of the house. It connects the newly built deck with another entrance just off of the kitchen. The granite steps that lead to the deck were sourced on site, as was the large boulder that sits on side of the steps. The granite had been left over from foundation blasting when the house was built over fifteen years ago. Paul chose the most appropriate pieces and cut them into steps. The circular hole in the top step is remnant of the blasting a unique detail in the stone.

The brick pavers chosen for this patio are three different size and are laid out in a herringbone pattern. The colors range from blue and grey to tan and rose. The palette works well with the blue siding of the house.

The simple, low maintenance planting of evergreens, grasses and ferns complements the relaxed atmosphere of the new patio. It also fits perfectly within the context of the larger landscape. The property sits on side road and abuts a large conservation area.

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