Backyard Water Feature

August 4, 2012

There is something special about water in the landscape. Water, in the form of fountains, pools or man-made ponds and lakes, has been used in garden and landscape design for thousands of years throughout the world. Backyard water features can range from formal designs – rectangular or circular pools,  to something more rustic and naturalistic.  Think Japanese gardens, Versailles and the Alhambra.

Backyard water features are a great way to add a sense of tranquility or excitement to your outdoor living space. The sound of water can be restorative and soothing or energizing. For nature lovers, water  attracts wildlife such as butterflies, dragonflies and birds. This naturalistic waterfall is composed of moss and lichen covered stones, boulders and river rocks. It has no straight edges or perpendicular walls.  The backyard water feature was part of an overall backyard plan that includes a new patio and planting.  The location of the waterfall softens the hard edge and surface of the patio and separates the backyard from the sitting area. At the moment the planting is only partially complete but as can be seen, the plants are informally placed in between rocks and stones. This adds to the overall naturalistic feel of the water feature.

Stay tuned to see the final design…

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