A Bluestone Patio is the Basis for a Welcoming Outdoor Space

August 10, 2012

A mix of coleus along the edge of the bluestone patio brightens a rainy day. The warm orange and deep purple plant hues serve as a contrast to the cool blue and grey tones of the bluestone. The oakleaf hydrangea, rhododendron, and dwarf blue spruce separate the woods from the backyard and help create an intimate gathering area. A full range of stone was used for this bluestone patio. The stone comes in two color ranges, all blue or full range, which is a mix of blues, tans and purples. The irregular paving pattern adds another level of interest to the patio. It was achieved by using rectilinear blusestone of various sizes. The overall effect of this bluestone patio design is relaxed and welcoming.

Outdoor spaces can become an extension of the home; a place to enjoy warm weather and nature with most of the comforts of the living room. They have come a long way from simple lawn chairs and an umbrella. Today’s outdoor spaces have come to include fireplaces, furniture, bars and televisions. For this reason they have come to be referred to as outdoor living spaces. When designing an outdoor living space think of your living room, set it up to promote relaxation and socialization. Don’t forget lighting. It could be in the form of hanging lanterns, candles or the glow of a fire pit.

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