Christmas is Coming!

December 2, 2014

Christmas Pots Christmas Pots


Christmas is coming!  Now is the time of year to clean out those old container arrangements you have left over from the summer and fall and spruce them up for the  holiday season.  Making containers or even wreaths is a great way to utilize those extra cuttings off your Christmas tree!  If you use an artificial tree for the holidays, venture outside and use what you have around you pine, spruce, berry and twig trimmings come together to make a nice arrangement.  Throw in a few pine cones or some glittery ornaments and you’ll have something all your friends will be jealous of!  If your feeling a lack of inspiration or are having trouble putting together your holiday decorations, and the internet isn’t coming to your aid, always check with your local landscaper, they may be able to offer some help, I know we do!


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