Container Arrangements

July 10, 2013

Container arrangements are a great way to add color, texture and height to a space. Container arrangements can soften hard lines and corners or accent particular spots. They can be used to help regulate foot traffic or designate spaces. Container arrangements are extremely versatile they can be moved and re-arranged; they can be used for growing flowers, herbs or vegetables; they require less commitment than plants in the landscape so you can experiment and get creative.

In these arrangements, Paul chose plants with a variety of heights, textures and growing habits – some grow vertically, others spread horizontally and still others have a weeping form. The palette is relatively simple, mostly greens and purples with a splash of white, yellow and red. The colors pick up the shade of the patio beautifully. The tall feathery plants add a touch of whimsy to the arrangements. Most of all these plants complement the space and make it more welcoming.

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