Custom Pool Deck and Spa Design and Construction

October 24, 2012

Paul and crew worked on many of the components of this poolscape in Paxton, MA, including the planting and custom pool deck and spa design and construction. Paul Massad Landscaping graded and excavated the area in the fall and completed the project by planting in the spring. The gunite pool is surrounded by a deck of tavertine tiles. Tavertine is a natural stone that is commonly used in patio paving. It’s popularity as a building material dates back to ancient Rome when it was used to build temples, aqueducts, amphitheaters and monuments. In modern architecture it is commonly used in facades and for flooring. The spa is made of granite, one the strongest and most durable natural stones. It features a spillway and a wide ledge for sitting. The landscaping around the pool is elegant and cheerful. Russian sage and hydrangea add a burst of  color to the space and pick up the lavender and rose hues in the travertine deck. A mature, dwarf, white pine at the edge of the spa, anchors the whole composition.

This winter, as you dream of next summer, consider adding a pool or remodeling your existing one. We will work with you to create a truly unique and beautiful poolscape.

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