Front Entrance Renovation

September 8, 2011

The front entrance to your home is not only a guest’s first impression, it is also your gateway to your home.  It should be designed to suit your lifestyle and taste. Whether you choose a grand front entrance or one that is clean and simple, it should be functional and welcoming. Simplicity in material selection and uniformity in plant materials help draw focus to your home’s architecture and to the front door. The posted image is a before and after of a front entrance renovation.  The original entrance contained a paved walkway leading to wooden steps. The design is functional yet boring. The pitches of the steps were uncomfortable and the design provided no sense of arrival.  For this front entrance renovation we applied a three step separation at the street with pronounced granite accents, minimal lighting for safety and small planting accents to highlight the threshold of the property. The addition of cobblestones at the street level add interest and make the entrance more special. Random rectangular bluestones meet the three custom, dark grey, split granite stairs, the color of which contrasts beautifully with the front door. To complete the renovation design, we provided a small planter and specimen tree to help accent/counterbalance the entrance. This front entrance went from small and forgettable to pronounced and welcoming.  Give us a call and we can help you with your front entrance renovation.

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