Front Walkway Makeover

September 5, 2013

These before and after images illustrate a front walkway makeover that is nearly complete. The old steps were constructed out of railroad tie, they were sunken, overgrown with weeds and did not match the existing retaining wall. They were narrow and potentially unsafe. The client wanted a new walkway and steps to give the home a more cohesive and suitable look. Paul’s approach was to widen the steps and walkway and to grade and retain the land around them to achieve a smoother, neater appearance. The railroad tie steps were taken out and replaced with reclaimed granite steps. Natural boulders act as retaining walls. The stone pavers on the left were completely removed and replaced by a large boulder. The boulder on the right was placed resting against the stone paver retaining wall so that it appears to anchor it. The result of the front walkway makeover is naturalistic and more appropriate to the setting. It is welcoming and announces a sense of arrival. click on the image for a more comprehensive view

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