A Unique Front Yard Design

September 1, 2012

A simple, yet elegant front yard design adds curb appeal to this traditional New England home. The mixed palette of greens and a variety of plant textures, together with the granite stone composition, create a tranquil and welcoming entrance as one pulls into the driveway. The stone arrangement acts as a focal point much like a piece of sculpture in the landscape. The remarkable characteristic of this granite stone arrangement is that it looks like it could conceivably be a natural feature of the property!

Low maintenance, evergreen plants provide a much needed shot of color to the yard during bleak winter months. They also provide a nice transition between the driveway and the lawn. These plants are referred to as low maintenance because they require little watering, weeding and pruning. Additionally, evergreen ground covers are great for preventing soil erosion and (perhaps best of all) eliminate the need for mowing hard to reach areas. Notice too that the plants are of varying heights, adding further visual interest. The composition and choice of vegetation make this front yard design unique in its New England neighborhood.

Check out our online portfolio for another image, which shows the ornamental grasses further along the driveway.

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