Outdoor Granite Stairway

September 10, 2012

This gently curving granite stairway, built by Paul and crew, leads to an outdoor spa that can be seen peaking out behind the vegetation. Each antique granite step is unique in shape and color combination. The irregular shapes and slightly uneven surfaces of the stones give the stairway a sense of informality, helping it to blend into the landscape. Paul softened the hard edges of the granite stairway with carefully placed plantings of sedum and irises. These plants grow as if spilling onto the stairway. Sedum is a very hearty plant, it is tolerant of drought and  needs very little care. They grow well in full sun and come in a great variety. Moss adds a lovely naturalistic touch along the granite stairway. The entire composition, along with the carefully selected plants and materials, fits perfectly in this New England landscape.

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