Indoor Fireplace

March 20, 2015
Indoor Stone Fireplace
Indoor Stone Fireplace

The indoor fireplace from our last post has been completed! The color is stunning and the stone work flawless.  The no joint pattern was brought from floor to ceiling including the hearth and all the pieces look like a perfectly finished puzzle.  Using a small hand grinder our guys put together this work of art piece by piece.  Although jobs like this are labor intensive its always worth all the time and effort to put special details into your home, in this case to have a focal centerpiece that will anchor the room for as long as the house stands! So if your considering whether its worth taking the extra step and invest in something for your home, remember if its going to be a timeless piece that is going to make an impact on your home and bring you enjoyment for years to come, then it may just be worth the investment!

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