Large Block Retaining Wall

October 23, 2015
Wall in progress
Finished wall before clean up
Finished wall before clean up


A week long project has come to a close as we prep to pour a new walkway.  Our company installed this large block retaining wall at a assisted living facility in order to provide them with a safe wheelchair accessible secondary exit.  We set the 20k lb box culvert with a crane and then built our wall around it, this culvert allows for extra storage within the wall.  The walls “granite” texture provides a nice finish that can be stained one day in the future if the client ever wants to change the color. This wall will last for years to come and is a great example of large blocks in a local setting.  This could easily be done in a home setting as well as a commercial one!  Work this season has been keeping us busy everyday with new and exciting projects! Any one out there with questions or comments we’d love to hear from you!

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