Modern Style Back Patio

November 15, 2013

We just finished this modern style back patio for a client in Newton. Characteristics of modern style are clean lines, simplicity, 90 degree angles and focus on horizontal and vertical planes. The shape of the patio works well with the angles and overall style of the client’s home. The staggered edges of the patio appear to reach out into the lawn space, thereby blurring the lines between patio and lawn. A few well placed boulders add a vertical element to the composition. The plantings will consist of grasses, shrubs and a pear espalier that grow along the left wall. In the spring it will bloom and provide a tapestry like quality to the wall. The color palette is a  mix of  taupe, grey and beige – all earthy shades that work well with the color of the home.

This modern style back patio provides a unique outdoor living space for the client to enjoy. We hope to post an image of the completed project in the near future.

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