Outdoor Wind Sculptures

September 20, 2013

We recently had a chance to work on a very interesting and unique public project that features outdoor wind sculptures. This design project is at the Wheelabrator Shresbury Residue Landfill, located at SW Cutoff just off of Rt 146. Take a look if you’re in the area, its visible from the road. The design includes two outdoor wind sculptures – “Twister Oval” and “Twister Star” respectively, by sculptor Lyman Whitaker, and a smaller, wheel sculpture made from scrap metal. The wind sculptures are remarkable in that they respond to the slightest breeze so they are nearly always in motion. The sculptures are flanked on either side by trees, columnar, purple beech trees on the left and blue spruce on the right. The foreground is planted with grasses which will ¬†provide wave-like movement.

If you are interested in learning more about the sculptures, visit the website below, for information.


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