Small Space Planting

September 28, 2012

Small spaces around the home can often be neglected because we tend to focus on the the bigger, more visible areas. These spaces can become little jewels in the landscape with the right vegetation. This entire small space planting has been achieved with just one type of plant Рcoleus. Coleus plants are easy to grow and come in an almost endless variety of color combinations and patterns ranging from bright yellows and greens to deep purples and reds. Alone or alongside other plants, they are great for borders or as part of container arrangements. Here, they transform the small space around the trunk of a tree, adding color, texture and visual interest to what could otherwise be an overlooked area in the backyard. The addition of colorful river rocks adds more visual interest and provides a transition between vegetation and hardscape. When designing a small space planting pay attention to proportion and the shape of the space. Soften hard lines with softer plants. Plant bright colors in sunny areas and deeper colors in shadier areas. The sun will bring out the jewel like qualities of reds and yellow, and the shade will bring out the richness or purples and blues. Plants are your palette.

If you’d like some ideas or help with the planting, give us a call, we can transform any space outside of your home regardless of size.

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