Terrace Steps

July 19, 2013

This image of terrace steps is not a new project but we wanted to share it with you anyway. Paul captured the image on a beautiful sunny day- you can see sunlight peaking through the foliage. The granite steps lead to a cobblestone terrace which overlooks a nearby pond. Granite blocks also act as retaining walls for the terrace and planting beds. The raised terrace provides a great vantage point from which to view the landscape. It also serves as an intimate and peaceful space from the rest of the house and yard.

The planting is simple and elegant, it complements the existing natural landscape. The terrace steps are flanked by evergreen shrubs and groundcover. On the right is a dwarf Hinoki and peaking out from the left corner is a rhododendron. The rhododendron adds a splash of color when it blooms in the spring. Just past the chairs, on the far side of the terrace, are some beautiful purple hydrangea. The purple works well with the cool greys of the granite steps and the terrace. The overall color palette inspires a relaxing atmosphere.

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