Water Features

June 12, 2014

Here are two water features, two very different water features, that both add to the space they were placed in.  The first one, a running waterfall in a front yard, adds a unique visual to the hillside while also adding the peaceful and tranquil sounds of trickling water for the homeowners.  This water stimulates both visual and auditory senses.   The second photo is a hand carved basin in a large boulder.  This water element can act as a bird bath attracting wildlife or just as a glistening water bowl reflecting the vegetation around it.  Either way it adds something extra to this  garden.  Both, although at complete opposite ends of the spectrum as far as water features are concerned, go to show that small or large there is a way to work water into any landscape!

Water Features
Water features making a big statement to this yard.
Water Features
Water features adding a special element in the garden.

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