Pool Patio Expansion

This Stone Wall Is….

Bluestone and Cobble

Stones Abound

Spring Planting Brings in a Touch of Life

Bringing the Beach Feel to Western Mass

From Coping a Patio Was Born

Pool Prep in Progress

Backyard Oasis Wrapping Up

Pool In Progress

Backyard Transfomation

Front Entryway

Brick and Granite Entry

Unique Privacy Wall

Indoor Fireplace

Interior Stone Work

Christmas is Coming!

Brick and Bluestone

Three Level Patio

Granite Steps

Site Development

Landscape on a Budget

Water Features

Backyard Transformation

Container Plantings

Annual Planting Season!

Outdoor Fireplace

Modern Style Back Patio

Reclaimed Granite Steps

Outdoor Wind Sculptures

Reclaimed granite steps with a bluestone walkway

Front Walkway Makeover

Patio Steps with Bluestone Treads

Connecticut Whiteline Stone Wall

Container Arrangements

Hand Carved Water Feature

Bluestone Patio

Bluestone Patio Construction

Custom Pool Deck and Spa Design and Construction

Side Entrance Garden Design

Small Space Planting

Ribbon Driveway

A Bluestone Patio is the Basis for a Welcoming Outdoor Space

Accent Planting